Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

by JessieAnne D'Amico

I haven’t written in months, maybe almost two years looking at the last one post I made.  I want to delete it because I feel it’s not written by the same person I am now.  I don’t look the same, I don’t think the same, but maybe that’s important to remember.  As I begin writing this, I have lived in New York City for seven days, one hour, fifty-six minutes and twenty-seven seconds.  Last night was the first alone in my 342 square foot apartment.  I have found myself 456 miles from home.  Meg Ryan’s voice in When Harry Met Sally and a cooling fan are acting as my background noise for the moment — in addition to brakes and horns and construction workers’ yells from the window, that is.  The combination is about all I can stomach yet... (Click to continue)

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Say It With Me Now...Layering for Snow

by JessieAnne D'Amico in

(Outfit details at bottom of post)

I always forget about the beauty of layering until rare situation like the current polar vortex.  Living in coastal North Carolina, it's a sparse opportunity, being allowed to dress for snow (which happens to be my favorite type of weather).  It also isn't often that I find myself in the position to pair a minidress with pants which I think is an underrated trend of the moment.  There's nothing I love more than finding the most random articles of clothing possible from my closet and somehow piling them on my body in a [sometimes] conceivable way.  I also took a much-appreciated note from a Man Repeller article yesterday on belting coats which, again, I am not able to experiment with much because of our lack of cold weather.  One of the best parts of snow is it makes for an almost-constant white backdrop perfect for contrast.  Black in a snow-cover makes for even starker contrast than usual.  That being said, it's also easy to overdo contrasting as I talked about in my black monochrome post.  Being a huge fan of fuchsia lipstick and often without cause to wear it, I took advantage of today and paired that as a statement element along with one of my favorite Matt & Nat bags.  So while my outfit may have been slightly uneventful otherwise (well, if you look past the fact that I'm wearing a dress, pants, turtleneck, and a t-shirt), with just my lipstick and purse I attempted to make it something else.  Also taking influence from one of Leandra Medine's past posts, I paired a sock with ankle length cigarette pants for a tiniest show of skin between my shoes and pants.  In spite of my mother's request, I wore one earring from a pair of my H&M earring/cuff combo and a similar stud for the other ear.  

Unconventionally layering clothing can also be an excuse not to give away that shirt you bought on impulse three years ago and have yet to wear.  Layering allows you to conceal your least favorite elements of a piece (say, ruffle sleeves) and emphasize the best parts (hello, mock turtleneck).  Sometimes even if only a hint of the piece shows, like my dress today which is on display for its neckline and mid-thigh hem, it can give the outfit a sense of closure and make it look more refined.  

Come to think of it, layering in clothing is a lot like layering in personality.  We tend to cover up what we see as flaws (I can't be productive if I know anything in my room is out of place) by compensating the positives of said attributes (because of that, my room is almost always perfectly neat).  I guess that means that snow days are kind of the comparative equivalent awkward first few weeks of a relationship—be it friendly, romantic, or professional—when you try to hide your quirks (the personality equivalent of a ruffled-2007-esque sleeve) and emphasize your best qualities.  Literal layering can do the same in the terms of emphasizing your best qualities, it provides an outlet for wearing pieces you may not be very comfortable in but still love by pairing them with something overpowering to their intimidating features.

Coat: Ralph Lauren (similar from Cycle via Farfetchsimilar from Blk Dnm via Farfetch)

T-Shirt: Silence & Noise (similar from Raquel Allegra via NET-A-PORTER, similar from Rag & bone via NET-A-PORTER)

Turtleneck: Borrowed (similar from Banjo & Matilda via Net-a-Porter)

Dress: H&M (similar from H&M, similar from Versus via NET-A-PORTER)

Pants: Gap (similar from Topshop)

Shoes: Borrowed (similar from Fendi via Bluefly, similar from Kenneth Cole Reaction via Lord and Taylor)

Hat: H&M (similar from Topshop, similar from H&M)

Socks: Unknown (similar from H&M, similar from H&M)

Gloves: H&M (here from H&M)

Belt: Vintage Fossil (similar from Miu Miu via NET-A-PORTER)

Necklaces: H&M

Earrings: H&M

Purse: Matt & Nat

Lipstick: Estee Lauder Pure Color in Fuchsia Fever (Amazon link below)